Supporting young oil and gas workers in Alberta: Lessons from just transition

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Young oil and gas workers
Active labour market policies
Skills matching tool
Training grant
Economic diversification

Young oil and gas workers in Alberta were significantly affected by the 2014 crash in the price of oil and the ensuing downturn. With oil and gas employment unlikely to return to former levels, continued job losses, and high unemployment rates among young male workers in Alberta, this group faces significant labour market challenges. This study examines potential improvements to Alberta’s employment services system and its active labour market policies to better support young oil and gas workers in their adjustment. It employs a literature review and multiple case study analysis to identify and evaluate policy options, taking lessons from research on Just Transition. This study recommends a skills matching tool and training grant, to be implemented alongside economic diversification initiatives.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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Nancy Olewiler
Arts & Social Sciences: School of Public Policy
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(Project) M.P.P.