Let's Talk About Faculty Outreach and Engagement: Successes, Lessons Learned, & Strategies

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Moore, A. J. & Zerkee, J. (2020, April 30). Let's talk about faculty outreach and engagement: Successes, lessons learned, & strategies. Invited presentation delivered at COPPUL Western Canada Scholarly Communications SkillShare [online conference].

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Scholarly communications
Scholarly communications librarianship
Faculty outreach
Faculty engagement
Open access

Are you a scholarly communications expert looking to foster deeper engagement with your faculty colleagues on topics like open access, scholarly publishing, copyright, or knowledge mobilization? Do you find yourself constantly reimagining your workshops, speaker series, and promotional material, hoping that this time you've crafted a resonant message that will motivate researchers at your institution to take action? Join us for a facilitated discussion about faculty outreach and engagement. We'll start the conversation by sharing some examples of our events, programming, and communications campaigns: things we’ve tried that failed; things we’ve tried that worked; and some reflections on what success looks like at our institution. Then we'll turn things over to you, surfacing your experiences and perspectives on faculty engagement. We hope to pool the expertise in the room and share some strategies we can all take back to our institutions.


2020 COPPUL Scholarly Communications SkillShare - April 30, 2020

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