Chinese Rural Feminism: How Social Media Reshape Feminism in China

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Social media
Chinese feminism
Chinese rural feminism

With the development of social media in China, Chinese feminism is facing great challenges. On the one hand, social media provides a platform for feminists to discuss female issues, which has aroused wide public concern. On the other hand, the emerge of the discourse of Chinese rural feminism has put Chinese feminism under attack. As an Internet discourse, Chinese rural feminism has spread into people's daily life. Chinese rural feminism has destroyed the reputation of feminists even set back the progress of Chinese feminism because of its excessive remarks. This paper will provide a critique of Chinese rural feminism by studying the meaning and causes of its emergence. In order to better study the discourse of Chinese rural feminism, this research will use a case study of Mimeng, one of Chinese social media, to find out the meaning of the Chinese rural feminism. After text analyzing of Mimeng's article, this article will explore the cultural and social reasons behind the discourse of Chinese rural feminism, as well as figure out how social media plays a role in it.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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David Murphy
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(Extended Essay) M.A.