Ticket to ride: Reducing social isolation for seniors through better access to public transportation

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Social isolation
Older adults
Travel training
Driver cessation
Public transit

Social isolation is one of the top issues facing seniors in Canada. Most seniors get around by personal vehicle and may experience social isolation when they lose the ability to drive due to the loss of access to services and opportunities to socialize. With the region’s aging population, the transportation needs of this demographic will become increasingly important over the coming decade. This study examines one role that TransLink, the regional transportation authority, can take in reducing social isolation for seniors in Metro Vancouver by providing or facilitating travel training. A literature review, jurisdictional scan, focus group, and expert interviews help identify and evaluate policies that can increase seniors’ access to public transit within TransLink’s existing network, budget, and jurisdiction. I recommend a one-on-one travel training program be implemented with a train-the-trainer approach to complement the general travel training program currently being piloted in the region.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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Nancy Olewiler
Arts & Social Sciences: School of Public Policy
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(Project) M.P.P.