Music for the augmented pipe organ

Date created: 
Pipe organ
Post-digital music
Machine listening
Interface design

Music for the Augmented Pipe Organ is a composition for a 74-rank Casavant pipe organ which incorporates newly devised digital controls systems. The work stemmed from research into the confluences between the pipe organ and contemporary electronic and digital music practices. With a reflexive attention to the organ’s spatial context and unique embodiment of the harmonic series, the work explores new sonic terrains that emerge through a digital approach to the world’s oldest mechanical synthesizer. Through this process of hybridizing acoustic and digital sonic imaginations, the work creates a dialog between the vibrant material and ethereal space of the organ and the techniques of electronic and post-digital music forms. Site-specific elements such as the church’s architecture and interior acoustics are further incorporated into the work through the use of a controlled feedback system and projection mapping, considering the resonant relationships between the instrument and its surrounding space as a generative element interwoven into the composition.

Document type: 
Graduating extended essay / Research project
This thesis may be printed or downloaded for non-commercial research and scholarly purposes. Copyright remains with the author.
Senior supervisor: 
Sabrina Schroeder
Communication, Art & Technology: School for the Contemporary Arts
Thesis type: 
(Project) M.F.A.