Opportunity in Crisis: Alternative Media and Subaltern Resistance

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Anderson, B. (2018). Opportunity in Crisis: Alternative Media and Subaltern Resistance. In Geelan, T., Hernando, M. G., & Walsh, P. W. (Eds.) From financial crisis to social change: Towards alternative horizons. Springer. Pg. 115-128.

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This paper interrogates the promises and limits of social movements in the post-crisis period by analyzing Adbusters Magazine's call for a "Billion People March" as a sequel to the Occupy Movement. Drawing upon the idea of the radical imagination, the paper critiques the notion that mass social movements can be expected to generate immediately through mediated means, instead holding up on-the-ground community organizing as the key means through which mass mobilizations take place. Keywords: Social movements, social change, Adbusters, radical imagination 


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