City stories: Publishing alternative dialogues from Vancouver’s past

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Regional publishing
Local non-fiction
Book launch
Independent book publisher
Arsenal Pulp Press

This project report presents a case study of Blood, Sweat, and Fear, authored by Eve Lazarus and published by Arsenal Pulp Press, to provide an example of an independent book publisher that leverages unconventional venues for book launch events for non-fiction titles chronicling alternative regional histories. The report begins with an introduction to Arsenal Pulp Press’s history and mandate, and then moves into an overview of Lazarus’s publishing history and network connections as a member of the Belshaw Gang. From there, the editorial and production components of Blood, Sweat and Fear will be discussed, with attention toward the challenges Lazarus faced when researching and writing her book. Finally, this report will outline the primary details of the book launch and marketing efforts, closing with an explanation of the pivotal role Arsenal Pulp Press plays in helping to preserve and reproduce lesser-known narratives about Vancouver in a tangible form.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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Scott Steedman
Communication, Art & Technology: Publishing Program
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(Project) M.Pub.