Traditional East Asian Medicine in the lives Of Queer East Asian Young Adults in North America: A Critical Analysis of the Gaps in Literature

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Traditional East Asian Medicine
Queer East Asian youth

This critical literature review frames a discussion about the reasons for a lack of research attention on the intersection of queer East Asian youth and their relationship to Traditional East Asian Medicine in North America. Without research evidence, queer East Asian youth are made invisible, while traditional East Asian medicine continues to be under-researched, under-funded, and under-regulated. These outcomes affect the availability, accessibility, and relevance of health resources. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches that deal with issues of racial minorities and queer populations will benefit from the explicit use of social theories such as Intersectionality, Queer Theory and Postcolonial Theory; doing so challenges shallow engagement with identity categories, as well as White supremacist, heteronormative, and homonormative assumptions implicit in research. Taking a critically reflexive approach is necessary for identifying and challenging power differences in research relationships.


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