Yes oui can: Addressing British Columbia's shortage of French immersion teachers

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French immersion
French education
British Columbia
Skills shortage

French immersion offers students in British Columbia the opportunity to learn French as a second language, but since the program’s inception in the 1970s the province has faced a shortage of qualified teachers, with worrying consequences for both the quality of the program and the availability of spaces for students. This study explores this multi- faceted problem through a survey of school district and interviews with key stakeholders and experts. It describes several interrelated causes of the shortage and uses its findings to identify and analyze policy options to increase the supply of French immersion teachers in the province. The study recommends the implementation of professional development funding to help teachers transition to French, an informational campaign for French speaking students, and a student loan forgiveness program as solutions.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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Marina Adshade
Arts & Social Sciences: School of Public Policy
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(Project) M.P.P.