Because We Are Used To Living

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Parasite, Symbiogenesis, Orthogonal Time, Video, Interdisciplinary

BecauseWeAreUsedToLiving is a mediated performance that explores the parasitic process of its own creation. Parasites are often performing, reading their host’s movements like a script in order to gain access into their carefully guarded boundaries. Once inside, the parasite can gradually throw off the hosting body’s equilibrium, triggering feedback loops of systemic dissonance. Parasites are often documenting, investigating their host’s bodies like auditors in order to find refuge within their highly organized machinery. Once incorporated, the parasite can merge with its host, spontaneously giving rise to ecological novelty. BecauseWeAreUsedToLiving is host to its own parasitism; through a network of precarious wormholes it feeds off itself across time. Using video, music, installation, text, and performance, the work presents its own process of transformation, which occurs across disciplinary and temporal boundaries. Through a methodological framework that is based on parasitic strategies of performance and documentation, BecauseWeAreUsedToLiving seeks to gain access to alternate universes.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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This video features a re-enactment of a meeting between David Biddle and Linda Fox. The meeting took place in "Stanley Park".
This video features a customer testimonial for a virtual reality experience called "Lep-E Alternatives™".
Judy Radul
Steven Hill
Communication, Art & Technology: School for the Contemporary Arts
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(Project) M.F.A.