Reducing textile waste in Metro Vancouver landfills

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Textile waste
Education campaign
Disposal ban
Curbside collection
Donation bins
Waste diversion

This study examines public policy approaches to increase the recovery of residentially generated textile waste materials in Metro Vancouver Regional District. It reports findings from a survey, conducted in Greater Vancouver in summer 2017, of consumer preferences and motivations with respect to textile waste disposal. The study also reviews the literature on factors that impact household behaviour in disposing textile waste material. Policy elements are determined from an analysis of the generalized supply chain for textile waste recovery and policy features implemented in other jurisdictions. Four policy elements are considered: disposal ban, education campaign, additional collection points, and curbside collection. The policy elements are analyzed and assessed on key criteria, with discussions informed by conclusions drawn from the literature review and survey findings. I recommend the implementation of an education campaign in the short term and further consideration of increasing collection points and curbside collection in the longer term. I also conclude that a disposal ban for textile waste in MVRD, as currently configured, should not be pursued.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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John Richards
Arts & Social Sciences: School of Public Policy
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(Project) M.P.P.