Race and real estate: How data informed public debate on BC's Foreign Buyer Tax

Vancouver real estate
BC legislature Bill 28
BC foreign buyer tax
Data collection
Policy narratives
Racism in Canada

This capstone references works and theories surrounding the 2016 debate over causal factors of Vancouver’s inflated real estate market. Where and how this discussion has been informed by data will be examined through a case study supported by an analysis of mainstream media headlines. This case study will lead to an examination of data as concept, a tool for making disorder “legible” (Scott, 1998), after which Checkland’s model of dare and capere is referenced to further break down the interpretive nature of data. Both theories are discussed when I revisit Bill 28’s Property Transfer Tax (PTT) form amendment alongside a few observations about the use of data in policy narratives.

Document type: 
Graduating extended essay / Research project
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Senior supervisor: 
Stuart Poyntz
Communication, Art & Technology: School of Communication
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(Extended Essay) M.A.