The Transition from High School Mathematics to First Year Calculus

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Transition to calculus from high school mathematics
Student perceptions of university mathematics
University lecturer perceptions of first-year calculus students
Student success in first-year calculus

Student preparedness for first-year calculus has been an ongoing concern for post-secondary programs and their respective career paths. Researchers have investigated the benefits and pitfalls of prior calculus knowledge, and the general development of academic competence in an effort to improve student success and retention. Most of the literature is survey based, rather than anecdotal, and serves to inform universities about their own student populations, rather than to inform incoming students about how to be successful. This study compares the perspectives of students and lectures based on anecdotal responses to related questions, and identifies the expectations and habits that are different from students’ high school experiences. The results showed most differences were in regards to the amount of time students needed to spend on homework problems, their problem-solving skills and level of engagement with their homework; and the level of self motivation and independence that was needed for success.

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Peter Liljedahl
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(Thesis (Education) ) M.Sc.