Tobacco industry targeting of youth in Nigeria since the 1990s: An analysis of tobacco industry documents

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Nigeria, tobacco control, theory of triadic influence, youth, transnational tobacco company, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

This study analyses the tactics and strategies used by transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) to target youth in Nigeria since the 1990s. Nigeria is considered by the tobacco industry to be a major emerging market given its population, demographic profile, and growing wealth. The study systematically searched the Truth Tobacco Industry Documents Library, available primary and secondary sources on industry activities in Nigeria, and conducted key informant interviews. It applied the theory of triadic influence as a heuristic framework to analyse the collected data. The findings suggest that TTCs have actively targeted youth in Nigeria, seeking to change behaviour through the biological/personality, and environmental/cultural and social streams. This has taken place against a backdrop of weak tobacco control policy despite Nigeria’s adoption of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The study makes recommendations to strengthening youth protections under the National Tobacco Control Bill adopted into law in 2015.

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Kelley Lee
Health Sciences: Faculty of Health Sciences
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(Thesis) M.Sc.