A place to be, a place to become: An insiders report on youth integration programs in the lower mainland

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Immigrant Youth
Identity Formation
Cultural Negotiation
Cultural Hybridity
Immigrant Youth Settlement Services
Youth Integration Programs

Immigrant youth face a myriad of complex and interrelated challenges during their settlement and integration into Canadian society. In Canada, there are a number settlement services available to support this process. In the past, these services have focused on adults; however, they are increasingly responding to the needs of youth. Youth integration programs, in particular, represent one of the most common settlement services available to immigrant youth, yet little research has been conducted on such programs and even less from the perspective of the participants. This qualitative study explores the role of youth integration programs in the lives of twelve young newcomers through in-depth semi-structured interviews and focus groups. My findings reveal that such programs represent a powerful resource for newcomers, with participants describing these programs as spaces where they can develop meaningful relationships, strengthening their communication skills, and improve their overall sense of self. This research confirms, challenges, and extends earlier research on this topic, while also demonstrating the importance of engaging with the subjective experiences of newcomers.

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Wendy Chan
Arts & Social Sciences: Department of Sociology and Anthropology
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(Thesis) M.A.