Algorithms for colourful simplicial depth and median in the plane

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Computational geometry
Data depth
Colourful simplicial depth
Bivariate medians
Topological sweep

The colourful simplicial depth (CSD) of a point x in R^2 relative to a configuration P=(P^1, P^2, ..., P^k) of n points in k colour classes is exactly the number of closed simplices (triangles) with vertices from 3 different colour classes that contain x in their convex hull. We consider the problems of efficiently computing the colourful simplicial depth of a point x, and of finding a point in R^2, called a median, that maximizes colourful simplicial depth. For computing the colourful simplicial depth of x, our algorithm runs in time O(n log(n) + kn) in general, and O(kn) if the points are sorted around x. For finding the colourful median, we get a time of O(n^4). For comparison, the running times of the best known algorithm for the monochrome version of these problems are O(n log(n)) in general, improving to O(n) if the points are sorted around x for monochrome depth, and O(n^4) for finding a monochrome median.

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Tamon Stephen
Science: Department of Mathematics
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(Thesis) M.Sc.