Getting to WL: A Look at the Visual Evolution and 2015 Redesign of Western Living Magazine

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This report examines the visual evolution of Western Living magazine and its predecessor, Western Homes and Living, between 1950 and 2015. It analyzes each of the major redesigns, characterized by the introduction of a new logo, which took place throughout the magazine’s publishing history. A detailed overview of the latest redesign of the magazine’s print edition in 2015, which introduced the WL acronym logo, makes up most of the report. It provides a case study that exemplifies how to plan, execute, and launch a magazine redesign. Although major redesigns are often regarded as a risky undertaking, the execution of the 2015 Western Living redesign shows that careful consideration of goals and timing, as well as a thoughtful design and effective promotion, can help ensure a positive outcome.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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Mauve Pagé
Communication, Art & Technology: Publishing Program
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(Project Report) M.Pub.