Challenges to Oral Cancer Prevention in the South Asian Population: A Scoping Review

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Oral cancer screening
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Smokeless tobacco
Oral cancer prevention

Oral cancer is a public health concern due to late diagnosis, which subsequently results in considerable morbidity and mortality. Globally, South Asian countries present with some of the highest rates of oral cancer. With migration, similar disparities have been observed in Canada where the South Asian community is the largest ethnic group. The underlying cause has been attributed to the common usage of smokeless tobacco amongst South Asians. However, oral cancer is amongst the few cancers that are preventable due to known modifiable risk factors, knowledge of clinical history, and early screenings at dental clinics. A scoping review was conducted to improve the understanding of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours (KAB) related to oral cancer among South Asians. A total of 37 studies were included with culture being identified as a gap in research. This capstone utilizes a theoretical framework based on the Social Ecological Model (SEM) to facilitate current efforts for oral cancer prevention amongst South Asians.

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Scott Venners
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