Behind the Tide: A look behind the adaptation of Jim Green's "Against the Tide."

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Jim Green
Canadian Seaman’s Union
Labour unions

Back in 1986, Jim Green published 'Against the Tide: The Story of the Canadian Seamen’s Union.' His handwritten interview notes are now held at the National Archives in Ottawa.


In the preface, he wrote:


“I never thought of myself as a writer, and when I took on the task of writing the history of the Canadian Seamen’s Union I had no idea what I was getting into. In 1972, I was living in the Downtown Eastside, studying at UBC and working as a casual longshoreman.The Seamen’s Union and the Fishermen’s Union halls were down the street. The pubs that were frequented by longshoremen, shipyard workers, seamen and fishermen were all within walking distance. The Patricia Hotel was a favourite - many seamen had been living at the Pat for more than 25 years. The rear entrance was just a few steps across the lane from my back door.”


In 2016, as part of a memorial, SFU and Vancity's Office for Community Engagement commissioned local writer and SFU history grad Charles Demers to adapt the book for a staged reading. directed by Amiel Gladstone. Featuring Andrew Wheeler, Carmen Aguirre, and Kevin MacDonald.


A staged reading of Against the Tide.

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