Social enterprise in British Columbia: the profile page as a crisis heterotopia

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Social Enterprise, Social Media, Foucault, Heterotopia

Social enterprises in British Columbia now labour online on social media websites through profile pages. The online profile pages of senior staff in British Columbian social enterprises revealed regional and localized links to Cartesian workplaces in British Columbia following statistical analysis. A network of senior staff profile pages within these data was analysed and found to be influenced by the material deprivation and urbanity of Cartesian social enterprise workplaces and also the category of a social enterprise. Ten year-long studies then looked at the online Facebook pages of social enterprises highlighted in the analysis of professional networks. Facebook pages reached cities that their senior staff members were connected to in their professional network, and social enterprise Facebook pages were accessed primarily by women throughout the year. Thirteen semi-structured interviews about profile pages were analysed and theorised as Foucauldian heterotopias that 1): allow social enterprises to experience a crisis in targeted communication in a networked non-place that offers control; 2) allow smaller social enterprises to experience a crisis in time and resources.

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Peter Hall
Environment: Department of Geography
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(Thesis) M.A.