Avalanche Beacon Parks: Skill Development and Team Coordination in a Technological Training Ground

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Graduate student (PhD)
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Audrey Desjardins, Saul Greenberg, Ron Wakkary, and Jeff Hambelton. 2016. Avalanche Beacon Parks: Skill Development and Team Coordination in a Technological Training Ground. In Proceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing (CSCW '16). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 872-886. DOI=http://dx.doi.org.proxy.lib.sfu.ca/10.1145/2818048.2835200

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Avalanche rescue
avalanche beacons
training in context
communities of practice
team cognition

High-risk outdoor recreation allows its enthusiasts to reach unprecedented levels of adrenaline; it also contains risks and requires specific training (in part technological). In particular, its participants must be ready to react efficiently during an emergency or in response to an accident. Technological training grounds can simulate particular contexts and emergency situations as a place for recreationists to train and practice. In this paper, we use the practice of avalanche companion rescue as a case study to explore how technological training grounds support recreationist training. Our results offer insights into how avalanche beacon training parks support skill development and team coordination training. We also present strategies to orient the design of technological training grounds beyond avalanche companion rescue.

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