A Video Introduction to the IPinCH Project

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Cultural heritage
Intellectual property
Indigenous peoples
First nations of Canada
Research ethics
Community-based participatory research
Indigenous archaeology
Community-based archaeology

Who defines and owns cultural heritage? Is it the people who create it? What if heritage is being used in ways that are considered inappropriate, or even harmful? Who owns Native culture? These questions are at the heart of the IPinCH project and are explored in the new IPinCH introductory video, created by Aynur Kadir (IPinCH RA, PhD student in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, SFU Surrey) and Alexa Walker (IPinCH Research Assistant).


The video is the result of the efforts and enthusiasm of many different IPinCH team members. Interviews were conducted with George Nicholas (IPinCH Director), John Welch (IPinCH Steering Committee Member), Kate Hennessy (IPinCH Associate), Sarah Carr-Locke (IPinCH Fellow), and Robin Gray (IPinCH Fellow and Student Representative). The song that opens and closes the video is titled The Journey, and was gifted to IPinCH by Mique’l Dangeli (IPinCH Fellow), and her husband Mike, who co-direct the Vancouver-based Git Hayetsk mask-dancing group. Finally, George Nicholas, Brian Egan, Kate Hennessy, and Kristen Dobbin provided invaluable guidance and feedback on the video at its various stages.  



An introductory video for the IPinCH Project

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