An Evaluation of the Impact of Charlie’s Food Bank – A Support Program for Pet Owners in the Downtown Eastside

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This paper reports on an impact evaluation conducted amongst clients and volunteers of Charlie’s Food Bank. Charlie’s Food Bank has been a staple of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside for the past 15 years through the provision of pet food, veterinary services and other pet related supports provided to homeless and low-income pet owners. The evaluation sought to examine the impact and contribution of Charlie’s Food Bank services on the lives of clients. The findings of the evaluation suggest that pet services provided by Charlie’s Food Bank contribute not only to pet care but client wellbeing through emotional and mental health benefits, social connectedness and community building. The results also point to the importance of using strengths-based, trauma informed, and ecologically informed service delivery techniques in order to best serve the needs of the Downtown Eastside homeless pet owners.

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Denise Zabkiewicz
Health Sciences: Faculty of Health Sciences