A Scoping Review on the Impacts of the Extractive Resource Industry on Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes of Mineworkers and Communities in Southern Africa

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Graduate student (Masters)
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Extractive industry
Sexual and reproductive health
Southern Africa

This capstone is a scoping review on the impacts of the extractive resource industry on sexual and reproductive health outcomes of mineworkers and communities in southern Africa. After a comprehensive search, 17 articles from the relevant literature were reviewed to develop a synthesis of key findings and recommendations. The reviewed studies suggest that poor sexual and reproductive health outcomes are linked to structural determinants of health and wellbeing, such as circular migration patterns; rural poverty; limited education and income opportunities; family unification and migration policies; housing and healthcare access; economic conditions; gender dynamics; weak industry regulation; and regional history and policies. Recommendations call for broadening the scope of sexual health interventions, addressing the determinants of health and wellbeing within mining areas, and strengthening sectoral regulation and responsibility among mining companies.

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Craig Janes
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