Dance Work / Work Dance

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Dance, Choreography, Exhibition, Art Gallery, Performance, Spectatorship

DANCE WORK/WORK DANCE is an accumulative practice-based research into the becoming of dance in the art gallery. In collaboration with nine professional dancers, four art galleries and the non-profit arts platform Haunt, Emmalena Fredriksson experiments with modes of visual art as an entry-point for making and presenting dance. As a working method the group appropriates visual arts language, styles and viewing structures to undo dance. This ‘undoing’ creates a starting point for discourse and discovery as it invites alternative perspectives of dance as an art form, the act of performing and the gallery/exhibition space, for both dancer and viewer. Following one studio showing, two group exhibitions and one art gallery residency, this project culminated in a four-day exhibition at the Audain Gallery May 20th-24th, consisting of three solos and one duet danced by ten dancers on rotational shifts through out the opening hours of the gallery.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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Time-lapse video of Dance Work / Work Dance
Audio recording of Dance Work / Work Dance the solo
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Rob Kitsos
Communication, Art & Technology: School for the Contemporary Arts
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(Project) M.F.A.