Investigating sound intensity gradients as feedback for embodied learning

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Droumeva, Milena; de Castell, Suzanne; Wakkary, Ron. (2007). Investigating sound intensity gradients as feedback for embodied learning. ICAD 2008 - 14th International Conference on Auditory Displays, 403-410.

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Embodied learning
Auditory display design
Participatory design
Sound intensity

This paper explores an intensity-based approach to sound feedback in systems for embodied learning. We describe a theoretical framework, design guidelines, and the implementation of and results from an informant workshop. The specific context of embodied activity is considered in light of the challenges of designing meaningful sound feedback, and a design approach is shown to be a generative way of uncovering significant sound design patterns. The exploratory workshop offers preliminary directions and design guidelines for using intensity-based ambient sound display in interactive learning environments. The value of this research is in its contribution towards the development of a cohesive and ecologically valid model for using audio feedback in systems, which can guide embodied interaction. The approach presented here suggests ways that multi-modal auditory feedback can support interactive collaborative learning and problem solving.

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