An ambient intelligence platform for physical play

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Wakkary, Ron; Hatala, Marek; Lovell, Robb, & Droumeva, Milena. (2005). An ambient intelligence platform for physical play. Proceedings of the 13th Annual ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MULTIMEDIA '05), 764-773. doi:10.1145/1101149.1101313

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Ambient intelligence
Responsive environment
User model
Physical play
Auditory display
Motion capture
Sound ecology

This paper describes an ambient intelligent prototype known as socio-ec(h)o. socio-ec(h)o explores the design and implementation of a system for sensing and display, user modeling, and interaction models based on a game structure. The game structure includes, word puzzles, levels, body states, goals and game skills. Body states are body movements and positions that players must discover in order to complete a level and in turn represent a learned game skill. The paper provides an overview of background concepts and related research. We describe the prototype and game structure, provide a technical description of the prototype and discuss technical issues related to sensing, reasoning and display. The paper contributes by providing a method for constructing group parameters from individual parameters with real-time motion capture data; and a model for mapping the trajectory of participant’s actions in order to determine an intensity level used to manage the experience flow of the game and its representation in audio and visual display. We conclude with a discussion of known and outstanding technical issues, and future research.

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