Peace with the Earth: Animism and Contemplative ways

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Bai, H. (2013). Peace with the Earth: Animism and contemplative ways. Cultural Studies of Science Education, CSSE, 2 (8), DOI 10.1007/s11422-013-9501-z. (M. P. Mueller & D. A. Greenwood (Eds.), Special Issue of CSSE on Ecological mindfulness and cross-hybrid learning.)

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Environemntal education

In this paper I problematize the modern everyday ontology that categorically separates the animate from the inanimate, showing that such separation has ethical implications that are environmentally devastating. I propose a turn to an animistic ontology and epistemology. Acknowledging the challenge of such turn, I suggest contemplative practices as a way to aid this turn. I engage a variety of literature and resources from Daoism, Buddhism, Appelbaum’s work, neuroscientific findings to support my exploration of the connection between animistic perception and contemplative ways.

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