A conceptual and theoretical analysis of resilience in the context of aging with multiple morbidities

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Living well
Multiple chronic conditions

The ability to live and age well is a common goal across the lifespan. For older adults with multiple chronic conditions, this goal frequently poses a challenge. A central process by which individuals face these challenges, or adversities, and regain a sense of wellness in their lives is a complex, dynamic phenomenon termed resilience. Cultivating resilience is therefore important for those with multiple chronic conditions, since they face daily stressors and long-lasting adversity. However, the concept of resilience has not been well developed in relation to chronic adversity or aging, and although it is a well-used term, it remains a challenging concept for researchers to engage with. Therefore, this research project conducted a conceptual and theoretical review of resilience in the context of aging with multiple chronic conditions. In addition, a lifespan model of resilience was developed, and an agenda for future research was outlined.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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Andrew Wister
Arts & Social Sciences: Department of Gerontology
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(Project) M.A.