Dataset Builder Tool: Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN)

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In 2013, the Statistics Canada’s Research Data Centre (RDC) Metadata Project ended producing a suite of DDI tools, including an open source repurposing tool for researchers called the dataset builder. The tool’s purpose is to create a “repurposing project” for researchers described in XML that sequences various operations. The idea of repurposing is to reshape the master data into a new dataset to be used for the purpose of a research project. The tool comes with several functionalities including a built-in catalog of StatCan DDI coded surveys, a search function, a variable basket supporting variable-level sub-setting, and the ability to generate statistical scripts (SPSS, SAS, STATA) to transform the source data from the master dataset into the research dataset, as well as the creation of a sub-sample codebook and searching across multiple data sets.. This presentation will demonstrate the dataset builder’s functionalities and benefits, and discuss future uses and integration of the tool within the RDC environment.


Pamela Moren (Statistics Canada) , Donna Dosman, Chuck Humphrey (University of Alberta), Pascal Heus and J.Gager

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