Structural Interpretation of the Mamfe Sedimentary Basin of Southwestern Cameroon along the Manyu River Using Audiomagnetotellurics Survey

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ISRN Geophysics
Volume 2012 (2012), Article ID 413042, 7 pages

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Five audiofrequency magnetotelluric AMT soundings were collected northwest-southeast along the Manyu river in the Mamfe sedimentary basin of southwestern Cameroon. The soundings were performed with frequencies in the range 3 to 2500 Hz and covered a distance of approximately 28 km. Sounding curves and geoelectric and geological sections were processed, and the results were compared with rocks' resistivity to characterize the lithostratigraphy of the eastern part of the basin. The results show above 1000 m depth, sedimentary layers with resistivities in the range of 1 to 100 Ohm-m, which decrease with depth. We identified three types of sedimentary rocks: laterite-clay mixture, shale, and sandstones. Various faults were also identified, illustrating the structural complexity of the Mamfe basin, along the Manyu River.

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