The three I’s for ethics as an everyday activity: Integration, intrinsic valuing, and intersubjectivity

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Bai, H. (2004). The three I’s for ethics as an everyday activity: Integration, intrinsic valuing, and intersubjectivity. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 9, 51–64.

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Intrinsic valuing
Asian philosophy

In addressing the theme of ethics as an everyday activity. this essay makes acase for the primacy of preventive ethics over interventional ethics.Preventive ethics aims at creating a condition of viability and wellbeing forall members of the earth community. an ethical ideal that follows from thethesis that alllife~phenomena are interconnected and interpenetrating. Bysharp contrast, interventional ethics .functions to redress the alreadyaccrued harm and damage that results from not paying attention, on aneveryday basis, to the community members' bio~social~psychic conditions ofwellbeing. This essay suggests three interlinked practices for preventiveethics. First, we must integrate the mind/body, self/other, and subject/object.Second, we must learn to value the world intrinsically, as we do in aestheticappreciation. Third, we must cultivate the art of intersubjectivity in order tocounter the prevailing habit of objectifying the other.

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