An Assessment of Stream Health Through Use of Macroinvertebrates as Bio-­‐Indicators

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Stoney Creek
Macroinvertebrate bioindicators
Stoney Creek Off Channel Habitat Improvement Project
Stream restoration
Ecological restoration

The Stoney Creek Off--‐Channel Habitat Improvement Project aimed to restore a stream section in Burnaby, BC. The species assemblages of macroinvertebrate bioindicators were analyzed with reference to stream health of the restored ecosystem. Using a region specific B-IBI, species assemblages were characterized according to their tolerance to pollution. Samples where collected from a previously restored upstream site and recently restored downstream site and individually from riffle and pool zones within each site. Frequency distributions and relative abundances were used to measure actual and relative representation of categories. Overall, pollution tolerant species showed the highest representation over both sites when compared to pollution intolerant and somewhat tolerant species. Riffles exhibited a higher presence of pollution intolerant species then pools. These results indicate relatively low stream quality. Results of the WQI did not support the stream quality data provided by macroinvertebrates. Further study needs to be undertaken to involve baseline data and address additional determinants for species assemblages.

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