Jenna LaFrance 'First Nations Connection to the Land'

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Connection to the land (observations)
Indigenous science
Contemporary science
Dam’s effects on communities
Oil sands
Oral testimony
Department of First Nations Studies

Jenna La France talks about traditional aboriginal approach to environment and the land, compared to consumerist mentality that does not have a relationship with the land. She also speaks about multinational corporations destroying the land for profit, or relocation people for mega hydro electric projects, and how little control citizens have over it. Discusses Enbridge’s ‘clean and green’ motto and how the oil sands project promotes jobs, but the reality is these projects only pollute the land and create disease, and when people protest, they are put in jail.  


Disclaimer: All testimonies are the experiences and beliefs of the individuals interviewed. 

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Jenna LaFrance - First Nations Connection with the Land (a)
Jenna LaFrance - First Nations Connection with the Land (b)
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SFU Library Summit: LaFrance, Jenna. Interviewer, Virk, Arminder. Interview type, audio recording. SFU Department of First Nations Studies. 2012. Research Assistants, Harrision, Don; Weasel Bear, Robyn. Department of First Nations Studies. ross, Dr. annie, Associate Professor. Funding provided by: SFU Teaching and Learning Development Grants