Almost everywhere

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Visual art
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Installation art
The absurd

Centred around the theme of uncertainty and the limits of reason and inquiry, the research I do has shaped my practice in a manner that allows for digressions, tinkering and experimentation. My thesis project is the result of this entangled and seemingly chaotic practice. It consists of a video-installation that attempts to intervene in the programmatic processes that allow for understanding by blurring the borders that distinguish one element from another. At the core lies an affinity with the absurd and the theoretical limits of its antithesis – logic and pure reason. While realizing my thesis project, I have fluxed between exercising strict control and letting go; permitting interventions and allowing improvisations to destabilize the decision-making process. The work that comes out of this process problematizes the notion of the 'finished' work of art.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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This short video clip (0:50 seconds) documents ALMOST EVERYWHERE as it was installed in the gallery
This file is a compressed version of the video component for ALMOST EVERYWHERE 20:46 minutes
Judy Radul
Communication, Art & Technology: School for the Contemporary Arts
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(Project) M.F.A.