Bonnie Fournier 'Missing Women's Commission of Inquiry' Testimony 2 Part I

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Wally Oppal
Missing Women’s Commission of Inquiry
Insite safe injection site
Department of First Nations Studies
Downtown Eastside
Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Retired Registered Psychiatric nurse Bonnie Fournier speaks candidly about the Missing Women’s inquiry that had just wrapped up in Vancouver, British Columbia. Fournier talks about possible final recommendations that Commissioner Wally Oppal might bring forward, as well as opening up about what it was like to have worked on the streets of the downtown eastside (dtes), knowing Robert Pickton’s  murder victim’s, being invited to offer testimony at the Missing Women’s Inquiry, and then being told she was no longer needed. Fournier talks about Coquitlam RCMP Constable Jim Brown’s implications of pornography featuring scenes of violence toward women treatment of women. Other topics such as living conditions of people living in the dtes and survival sex workers, police conduct, and compassionate care for people suffering from drug addictions.


Disclaimer: All testimonies are the experiences and beliefs of the individuals interviewed. 

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SFU Library Summit: Fournier, Bonnie. Interviewer, Harrison, Don. Interview type, video recording. SFU Department of First Nations Studies. 2012. Research Assistants, Harrision, Don; Weasel Bear, Robyn. Department of First Nations Studies. ross, Dr. annie, Associate Professor. Funding provided by: SFU Teaching and Learning Development Grants


   Bonnie Fournier discusses constable brown of Coquitlam RCMP





link titled, "The RCMP: a Royal Canadian disgrace What will it take before someone fixes the iconic force?" is an article describing issue of Coquitlam RCMP constable Brown and the sado masochistic pornography images found in his workplace desk.Bonnie Fournier discusses this issue in her testimonial.