Lori Ann Ellis 'Missing Women's Commission of Inquiry' Testimony 1

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Cara Ellis
Missing Women’s Commission of Inquiry
Downtown Eastside
Carnegie Centre
Oppenheimer Park
‘Starlight rides'
Department of First Nations Studies
Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Lori Ellis’s sister in law Cara Ellis was a survival sex worker in Vancouver’s downtown eastside and was tragically murdered by Robert Pickton. Lori Ellis is a Calgary resident who was at the Vancouver Missing Women’s Inquiry everyday for eight months watching and testifying during the proceedings. She opens up here about her feelings around the inquiry, and how she and others urged the government to start an official inquiry looking into the Vancouver Police and Coquitlam RCMP’s handling of the missing women’s case. She shares how much she loved Cara and how special she was to her, and how devastating it was learning of her tragic death. Lori also reveals how devastating it was losing a loved one, but how she finds strength and love in friends and family. She hopes that eventually one day there will be more resources available to help people cope with the trauma of losing a loved one.


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SFU Library Summit: Ellis, Lori Ann. Interviewer, Barnes, Louise. Interview type, video recording. SFU Department of First Nations Studies. 2012. Research Assistants, Harrision, Don; Weasel Bear, Robyn. Department of First Nations Studies. ross, Dr. annie, Associate Professor. Funding provided by: SFU Teaching and Learning Development Grants