Consumer motivations for creating and consumer responses to consumer generated advertising

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Consumer generated advertising
User generated content
Consumer creation
Advertising online

Three papers are presented on the emerging phenomenon of consumer generated advertising. These papers provide knowledge and build theory related to both how consumers choose to create such advertisements and also how consumers respond to them. The first details a qualitative exploration of the motives of consumers that create advertisements. The paper draws on literature related to brand relationships, intrinsic motivation, and consumer creation to help inform and direct an investigation of 61 ad creators. The next paper develops a theoretical model for understanding consumer response to consumer generated advertising. This paper reviews existing research on endorsement before proposing a new approach based on social identity theory. The final paper experimentally tests the framework developed in the second paper. While manipulation failed, results do provide insight and confirmation of the relationships outlined in the developed theory. Implications of the papers for research and practitioners are discussed.

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Leyland Pitt
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(Thesis) Ph.D.