Cooperative Coding and Caching for Streaming Data in Multihop Wireless Networks

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Hindawi Publishing Corporation
EURASIP Journal onWireless Communications and Networking
Volume 2010, Article ID 312714, 10 pages

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This paper studies the distributed caching managements for the current flourish of the streaming applications inmultihop wirelessnetworks. Many caching managements to date use randomized network coding approach, which provides an elegant solution forubiquitous data accesses in such systems. However, the encoding, essentially a combination operation, makes the coded datadifficult to be changed. In particular, to accommodate new data, the system may have to first decode all the combined datasegments, remove some unimportant ones, and then reencode the data segments again. This procedure is clearly expensivefor continuously evolving data storage. As such, we introduce a novel Cooperative Coding and Caching (C3) scheme, whichallows decoding-free data removal through a triangle-like codeword organization. Its decoding performance is very close to theconventional network coding with only a sublinear overhead. Our scheme offers a promising solution to the caching managementfor streaming data.

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