Generating Test Cases for Marine Safety and Security Scenarios: A Composition Framework

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Shahir et al. Security Informatics 2012, 1:4

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Marine Safety & Security
Test Case Generation
Infrastructure Protection

In this paper we address the problem of testing complex computer models forinfrastructure protection and emergency response based on detailed and realisticapplication scenarios using advanced computational methods and tools. Specifically,we focus here on testing situation analysis decision support models for marine safety& security operations as a sample application domain. Arguably, methodicalapproaches for analyzing and validating situation analysis methods, decision supportmodels, and information fusion algorithms require realistic vignettes that describe ingreat detail how a situation unfolds over time depending on initial configurations,dynamic environmental conditions and uncertain operational aspects. Meaningfulresults from simulation runs require appropriate test cases, the production of whichis in itself a complex activity. To simplify this task, we introduce here the conceptualdesign of a Vignette Generator that has been developed and tested in an industrialresearch project. We also propose a framework for composing vignettes fromreusable vignette elements together with a formal representation for vignettes usingthe Abstract State Machine method and illustrate the approach by means of variouspractical examples.

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