An FPGA-Based MIMO and Space-Time Processing Platform

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Hindawi Publishing Corporation
EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing
Volume 2006, Article ID 34653, Pages 1–14
DOI 10.1155/ASP/2006/34653

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Faced with the need to develop a research unit capable of up to twelve 20MHz bandwidth channels of real-time, space-time,and MIMO processing, the authors developed the STAR (space-time array research) platform. Analysis indicated that the possibledegree of processing complexity required in the platform was beyond that available from contemporary digital signal processors,and thus a novel approach was required toward the provision of baseband signal processing. This paper follows the analysis andthe consequential development of a flexible FPGA-based processing system. It describes the STAR platform and its use throughseveral novel implementations performed with it. Various pitfalls associated with the implementation of MIMO algorithms in realtime are highlighted, and finally, the development requirements for this FPGA-based solution are given to aid comparison withtraditional DSP development.

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