Implementing sustainability at Alcan Primary Metal - British Columbia

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This project is a strategic analysis of the environmentally driven pressures affecting Alcan Primary Metal - British Columbia (APM-BC), and its ability to be a sustainability driven company. The objective is to develop a set of recommended strategies that will bring both social and economic balance and create value by acting on the identified issues. Using a stakeholder analysis and a modified PESTLE analysis, seven key components of APM-BC's value chain were analyzed to identie eighty-one key environmental issues. These issues were mapped according to business and environmental risk. Using a SWOT analysis, seventy-five strategies for managing the environmental issues while building value through incorporating stakeholder participation and creating economic opportunities for communities within APM-BC's sphere of influence were developed. The set of recommendations provides an opportunity for further implementing sustainability into the company's business plan. This can be accomplished through eco-efficient strategies to improve operating margins, risk management strategies that create environmental awareness and strategies to build capacity with APM-BC's stakeholders.

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