Theosophical socialists in the 1920s Okanagan: Jack Logie's Social Issues Summer Camps

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The religion of Theosophy was a significant influence in Canada's early socialist movement. Although the influence of Theosophy has been examined in the socialist movements of the United States and the United Kingdom, the work that has been done in Canada has been limited to 1890s and 1920s Ontario. The socialist 'heartland' of Canada in the early twentieth century was British Columbia and the influence of Theosophy there was profound. Theosophy cannot be conflated with the Christian social gospel, whose influence is well documented. By examining a series of political retreats co-sponsored by the Federated Labor Party and the Theosophical Society and organized by Jack Logie in Summerland, B.C. in the 1920s, these connections are brought into sharp relief.


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