Technology roadmap and resource allocation methodology for the Canadian Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation (IFCI)

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A technology roadmap and research resource allocation methodology was develoded for the Canadian National Research Council's Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation (LFCI). This report outlines the roadmap and portfolio mapping tools developed, demonstrates how they were applied to the institute's 2005 portfolio of projects, and outlines a process by which the tools can be applied in the future. This work also includes a review of the relevant literature on technology roadmapping and research portfolio management as well as an internal and external analysis of IFCI. The technology roadmap and resource allocation methodology will aid IFCI in determining which projects to fund when faced with limited resources. The external analysis shows that IFCI is well positioned to make a substantial contribution to fuel cell commercialisation and to build a world-class reputation. However, being a young institute in an emerging field, IFCI is finding it challenging to define and implement a coherent strategy. IFCI is working to refine its strategic direction and build capabilities that match the needs of the cluster which it is intended to serve. This report closes with recommendations for further improvement.

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