An e-marketing plan for a Chinese import-export servicing company

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Winper Technology Corporation is a Chinese-based import and export logistics service provider for technology-related products. This paper introduces the company's current services, customers, organization, and operational model. The paper provides an analysis of internal strengths and weaknesses of the company. The paper then analyzes the competitive position of the company within the import-export servicing industry. The analysis provides advices on how to segment and target Winper's customer groups b:y recommending that it position itself as a total solution service provider, providing flexible and customized services. The analysis then develops an e-marketing strategy and e-marketing plan based on the competitive analysis. The development of the e-marketing plan covers e-marketing objectives, strategies, tactics and control management. The e-marketing plan provides step-by-step instruction on a marketing strategy. Finally, the analysis provides a recommendation on the integration of the long-term marketing strategy with a short-term revenue generation e-marketing plan.

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