A strategic analysis of entry into the Chinese fuel oil futures

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Raffemet faces threats in the Chinese metal Futures market. Internet trading is leading to reductions in brokerage charges. Entry of international firms will challenge the company's competitive position. Senior management is seeking new business opportunities. Currently, oil Futures trading is an ideal product that the company should explore because of the continued increase in oil consumption and the launching of the fuel oil Futures market in Shanghai. This external and internal environment analysis evaluates the emerging trends and events, as well as strengths and weaknesses the company has. Conclusion: Raffemet should expand business to the oil Futures market. This solution builds on the huge potential of market growth and long-term profitability, while avoiding the problem associated with ever-tougher competition and the slowly growing metal Futures market. The strategy developed for the new business should provide both for stabilization in near-tern and allow for long-term growth and profitability.

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