Homeschooling within the public school system

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Homeschooling through the public school system is a relatively new trend in education. This qualitative study focuses on the experiences of six families participating in public school homeschooling programs in British Columbia, Canada. (Parents were interviewed and the interviews were recorded with transcripts becoming the primary data for this research.) Parents' motivations for homeschooling through the public system, rather than homeschooling on their own, are centered on financial advantages, in terms of refunds, and on support and guidance from trained teachers. Parents perceive public school classrooms negatively. Lack of attention to individual learning styles, large class-sizes, grade-aged groupings, teacher style, and negative socialization in and outside of the classroom are common criticisms. Conclusions of the study include suggestions for teachers and program organizers. The wider community, including different aged children, mentors, and elders are commonly viewed as unused resources.


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Meguido Zola
Faculty of Education - Simon Fraser University
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Thesis (M.A.)