Alternative brand naming strategies for bottled water division of Group Danone in British Columbia

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This paper investigates a possibility of forming a co-brand between Canadian Springs and Danone. Specifically, the study investigates the impact of Danone of the brand value on Canadian Springs and consumers' intention to purchase a co-branded product. The results of the study show that Canadian Springs is the strongest brand in delivered bottled water category and has the biggest perceived value when featured alone. Adding Danone to Canadian Springs name creates a co-brand that is weaker and less preferred by consumers than the original Canadian Springs brand. The study also reveals that consumers of bottled water in BC are price sensitive and increase in price substantively reduces their intention to purchase the product even for the most preferred brand. The results also suggest that consumers slightly prefer paying for delivered bottled water by either pre-authorized chequing debit or invoice than by pre-authorized payment by credit card.

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