QQLT Inc. Visudyne?d Beyond

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QLTI's ocular franchise, comprised of VisudyneG for wet AMD, is the focus this paper. In addition to being QLTI's only commercial product, VisudyneG related activities constitute a major component of QLTI's overall operations. To this extent, issues identified are indicative of challenges facing QLT as a whole. Imminent entry threat of competing products underscores dependence of QLTI's ocular franchise on a single product, which enjoys exclusivity, and whose control of marketing rights was relinquished to a partner. For the overall company, it highlights underutilized asset base and weakening competencies as a biotech. VisudyneG must be differentiated. Its lifespan can be optimized by influencing the emerging market for treatment of neovascular conditions of the back the eye towards combination therapy. Cash can be used for licensing in order to secure a revenue stream and raising brand awareness. Ultimately, QLTI must rejuvenate its discovery core to secure its position as a biotech.

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