Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies

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The Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies (ICURS) is an inter-disciplinary research centre based Simon Fraser University. The Institute has as its focus increasing knowledge and research studies and the development of new analysis tools for the study of crime in an urban environment. ICURS focuses on: crime reduction policy, crime analysis and computational criminology.
ICURS blends expert knowledge in government departments with leading edge theory and research in universities. Its goal is to work thematically across the disciplines of criminology, computing science, geography, economics, and applied mathematics to make advances in understanding and modeling of the complex urban environment, and with these models better understand how to improve approaches to crime reduction and the use of informatics in criminological research.

If you are interested in the research done at ICURS please contact:
ICURS Institute
Patricia Brantingham, Director ICURS Institute

Northern Policing

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